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Woman holding her jaw in painBruxism is a common dental disorder in which patients tightly clench or grind their teeth. Many people do this unconsciously, and though some may do this during the day, most patients do it at night while they sleep. A mild form of bruxism may not require treatment, our dentist, Trent Young, DDS can help determine the severity of the issue. Bruxism can lead to pain in your jaw, headaches and cause damage to your teeth.

How do I know if I have bruxism?

You may not know that you have bruxism. During your regular dental checkup, Dr. Young will look for the following signs:
•  There is damage present on your teeth from pressure, causing cracks or fractures
•  Your teeth appear flattened, almost sanded down, due to grinding
•  The enamel of your teeth is worn down exposing the layer of dentin
•  You are noting soreness or tiredness in your jaw
•  There is damage to the tissue of your cheeks or tongue
•  You are experiencing head or ear pain

How did I get bruxism?

There is not one answer for why a patient may be experiencing bruxism. It may be behavioral, it could be induced medically (like from an earache), or from your jaw not being aligned correctly, or it can be induced from a medication. The most common thought is that it is induced from stress or anger related issues. This may be true, and it may then continue from habit.

How can I stop clenching or grinding my teeth?

First, Dr. Young will need to determine the severity of the problem. He may ask to check your teeth more frequently for notable changes due to clenching or grinding your teeth. He will also ask a series of questions such as changes in your life, your medications, and your health to try and determine why you may be experiencing this problem.

Based on his findings, there are several options including:
•  Sleeping with a mouthguard to protect your teeth
•  Checking for signs of TMJ or other dental disorders
•  Relieving other sleeping disorders like sleep apnea or snoring
•  Relaxation techniques

Dr. Young can help repair the damage and attempt to alleviate bruxism. Contact our Salem, OR office today for more information at 503-363-0292.

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