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Dental Extraction

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Occasionally for one reason or another, a tooth can not be saved with restorative measures.

This may be due to:
•  A tooth has decayed beyond the point of being healthy and a dental crown can not be placed
•  A tooth is cracked or fractured causing the patient pain and a crown can not be placed
•  A tooth is positioned poorly or overcrowding other teeth
•  Impacted wisdom teeth

Extraction is the process of removing the tooth from its socket. Dr. Young does not take this procedure lightly, at Trent Young, DDS, Family and Cosmetic Dentistry, we always discuss with our patients and together determine the best courses of action for the long term. In every situation, extraction is always recommended when it is the best thing for your neighboring teeth.

Extraction due to decay

We may recommend the removal of the tooth in order to stop the decaying process and the infection that could effect neighboring teeth. Decay in a tooth is an infection. The infection has to be removed before it spreads. It may be necessary to remove the tooth to protect your other teeth. Dr. Young is your best resource for how your situation should be handled.

Extraction due to fracture

When a tooth is fractured, our patients frequently feel tremendous pain. There are ways to restore a fractured tooth including a dental crown. It is not always fiscally possible for our patients to go this route. It may be determined at this point to extract the tooth. This possibility should be discussed with Dr. Young.

Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Removing your wisdom teeth is a common dental procedure. This is a procedure that most of our patients can not avoid. Wisdom teeth are known for frequently being problem teeth. They are often impacted and positioned poorly. Their positioning allows for debris to easily rest around them causing the teeth problems. Wisdom tooth extraction is generally an in office surgical procedure, this means that their removal requires having the tissue cut for removal versus the yanking it takes to remove other teeth.

Do I have to live with a gap from my extracted tooth?

No! There are many options for tooth replacement. Dr. Young is happy to discuss your options with you. This may include a dental implant, a dental bridge, or partial dentures. Contact our Salem, OR office today for more information at 503-363-0292.

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