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Dental Implant Placement

Dental Implants at Trent Young, DDSIf you are thinking about getting dental implants, you may want some more information about how dental implants are placed in your jaw. Trent Young, DDS can go over the procedure for dental implants, so that you understand the process.

What are Dental Implants?

Dental implants were invented to create the look of natural teeth, and to save jawbone. When dental implants happen, your jawbone thinks there are natural teeth there, so your jawbone is preserved, and your gums remain healthy. It is one of the best solutions for missing teeth out there. Dental implants can replace a single tooth, several teeth, or an entire set of teeth.

How Does the Dental Implant Procedure Work?

First, we will need to check your teeth and gums to make sure they are both healthy. This is important because your teeth and jaws need to be healthy to support an implant. If you have existing periodontal disease, you may need to have treatment first. Periodontal disease is gum disease. In periodontal disease, bacteria and infection can work to damage your gums and cause all kinds of problems in your mouth. For that reason, if you have periodontal disease, we need to take care of that first.

If you do have healthy teeth and gums, we would then have a look at where you need an implant. If you have a single tooth missing, the process is relatively simple. We would need to cut the gumline, and then use a screw that will connect your tooth to the jawbone. You would then be given a crown on the top of the screw that will match with your existing teeth.

For several teeth that are missing together, the process is a little different. In this case, two or more cuts would be made along the gumline. Then, screws would be placed to hook your implant into your jawbone. The number of screws you need will depend on how many teeth are missing. In general, the rule is one screw for each tooth that needs to be replaced, but there are procedures that have been successful with fewer screws. You would then receive a bridge that contains your new teeth.

If you need an entire upper set or lower set of teeth replaced- or both, there are several procedures we can perform. We might decide to place a screw for each tooth and then use a large bridge. There is also a procedure called four in one that allows us to replace an entire upper or lower set of teeth using four screws. What we decide to use depends on your mouth, and of course, we will discuss the procedure with you, so that you are informed of the reasons why we are going to do a particular implant procedure.

Do you have questions about dental implant procedure? If you are concerned about dental implants, or you want more information, give Trent Young, DDS a call at (503) 363-0292. We love to talk to people about ways to look and feel better, and to keep a healthy smile!

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