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Education on maintaining your natural teeth and when needed restoring them, is our first priority. When it is determined to be no longer an option, Trent Young, DDS can improve your function and your health with full dentures.

If you no longer have any healthy natural teeth, whether from tooth decay, gum disease, or injury, we know that replacing your missing teeth will be helpful to your appearance and your health. Dr. Young can help you decide what is the best course of action for you.

What are full dentures?

Complete or full dentures, are a removable dental prosthesis that Dr. Trent uses to replace all teeth and surrounding tissues in the same arch. Your mouth is comprised of two arches, top and bottom, and some patients require one while some require both arches to have dentures.

Created in a dental lab, dentures are created using molded white teeth set in a plastic base that is pink to resemble your gums and oral tissues. Your new denture is placed on your gum ridge and held in place using an over the counter adhesive.

Dentures function quite differently when compared to your natural teeth. Your will have to make changes in the foods that you are able to eat, practice speaking with them and expect changes in your your ability to speak, and in your self confidence. Dr. Young will discuss your denture options with you and help you decide what type of restoration best for your situation.

My health is poor, why should I consider getting dentures?

Our mouths are such an important part of our day. We use them constantly. We use them to eat, to talk, to express our emotions through smiles and frowns, and even to kiss. Mouths really say a lot about us, and Dr. Trent would hate for you to lose that aspect of expression and enjoyment. Dentures can increase the quality of your life.

When our patients lose all of their teeth, their facial muscles begin to sag, the muscle begins to fall, giving them an older appearance. Dentures can help fill out their facial shape drastically helping to improve their face and profile. Dentures can be created to closely resemble the natural teeth helping their appearance not change much.

Are there dentures that stay permanently in place?

Yes! Dentures are available in a permanent form, this is done using dental implants.

Dr. Young is able to attach your dentures in a strong, stable way, making them permanently stay in place in your mouth. They will not be removable. This is known as implant anchored dentures. We love this product, they are a much more comfortable option for our patients. Having your dentures retained using implants allows our patients the ability to forget about their dentures.

We recommend implant anchored dentures because:
•  You never have to worry that your dentures will fall out, they are stable.
•  You can eat the same foods you could with your natural teeth.
•  Your ability to speak with quickly feel natural.
•  Your confidence will improve.
•  Your appearance will improve.
•  We want you to be happy, and you will be with implant anchored dentures.

How are Dentures retained using Implants?

To permanently retain your dentures, Dr. Young surgically implants four titanium devices, that resemble screws, directly into your jawbone for each arch. Titanium is a biocompatible material that is safe in your body and is used by surgeons to make bone repairs all over the human frame. Your live tissue will bond over time with this material, giving you strong hold that should last many years. This system is known for having a very high success rate. With implant anchored dentures, you will not have loose dentures, there is no messy adhesives, they will never come out of your mouth, you will never get a cavity, and you can forget about them.

For more information on dentures and implant anchored dentures, contact our office in Salem, OR at (503) 363-0292.

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