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Dry Mouth

Green leaf with water dropping into still poolDry Mouth is a dental condition that we call Xerostomia. This is the process of your body not creating enough saliva. Trent Young, DDS, can help.

What caused me to get dry mouth?

Dry Mouth is the reduction in your saliva. Frequently, our patients experience this problem due to other medical conditions or medications that they are taking. You can discuss your medications with your primary doctor to see if an adjustment can be made. Dry mouth will cause you discomfort and problems for your teeth.

Symptoms of Dry Mouth

Symptoms for dry mouth vary, some patients experience more discomfort than others.

Frequent symptoms include:
•  Dry tongue
•  Dry lips
•  Dry throat
•  Difficulty eating
•  Decreased ability to taste food
•  Problems with infection in your mouth
•  Increased problems from acids in food
•  Damaged mouth tissue
•  Dental decay
•  Bad breath

Patients may experience some or all of the effects due to chronic Dry Mouth. Conditions vary from mild to severe. Dr. Young can help reduce these symptoms. After attempting to change your medications, Dr. Young may be able to prescribe saliva inducing medications.

He may be able to prescribe a rinse to help. He may also be able to set up some preventive measures to help reduce damage to your teeth while you are experiencing symptoms. Don't live with the discomfort of dry mouth. Contact our Salem, OR office today at (503) 363-0292 for more information.

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