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What Do I Do If My Tooth Is Loose Or Knocked Out?

Knocked Out Tooth

Sudden pain, your mouth has been impacted and it hurts. You instantly realize that a tooth has been jarred to the point that it feels loose in your mouth. What do you do?

Trent Young, DDS, wants you to be prepared with education before this event. Information in how to apply proper first aid to save a loose or even dislocated tooth could mean the difference of keeping the tooth or not.

What do I do if the tooth feels loose?

If a tooth feels loose following an impact, even extremely loose, but is still attached even a little, do not touch it and do not remove it. Contact our Salem, OR office immediately for advice from Dr. Young. He can determine if immediate action is needed.

What if the tooth has completely fallen out?

If your tooth has completely fallen from its socket, and is unattached, it is best to leave the tooth still inside of their mouth, assuming you feel comfortable that they will not choke on it. You want to keep the tooth wet and handled as little as possible. Dr. Young will want to see you as quickly as possible. He can attempt re-implanting the tooth.

When waiting to implant a tooth, do not:

•  Do not disinfect the tooth
•  Do not scrub the tooth
•  Do not let the tooth dry out
•  Do not handle the tooth unless necessary
•  Do not remove any tissue that is attached to it

When waiting to implant a tooth, do:
•  Do rinse it in lukewarm water if it came in contact with the ground.
•  Do preserve it in a liquid, saliva, milk or water are all suitable.
•  Do contact Dr. Young's office immediately.

The amount of time that your tooth is out of the socket is critical for successful re-implantation. The first 30 minutes are the most important time for successful re-implantation after that time the success rates drops, however we have had patients be successful for re-implantation even after several hours, so don't assume it to be too late. Keeping your natural teeth is always the best idea, and we want to help.

For more information on re-implantation and what to do after impact, contact our Salem, OR office at (503) 363-0292

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